Eminent domain: What we can do for you

We have earned a particular expertise in eminent domain and forced expropriation:

Assistance in the proceedings: need for occupation, public hearings, alternatives and occupation minutes.

Quick condemnation. Joint appraisal. Other special procedures.

Sheets of Appraisal, pleadings, administrative appeals and judicial review ofresolutions passed by Lands Tribunals and similar authorities.

Agreements entered into for the fixing of expropriation prices.

Interest: determination, imputation and claiming of the same.

New appraisal due to unuse or change of use of expropriated lands.

Reversion. Claims and appeals.

Expropriation per Law (by claim of the owner when the Government does not expropriate a land allocated to public use).

Other administrative appeals and judicial review as regards forced expropriation.

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