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Emergency state to end

The Resolution of June 3, 2020, of the Congress of Deputies (lower house of Parliament), orders the publication of the Authorization for the extension of the Emergency State declared due to Covid19. It is published in the Official State Gazette on 7/6/2020 and extends the Emergency State until the end of June 20.

Predictably it will be the last extension, so that from June 21 all the limitations established under the State of Emergency will lapse. However, it is equally foreseeable the establishment of limitations and restrictions by relevant health authorities (from the national Government at basic and coordination level and from regional authorities at development level), in accordance with section 149.1.16 of the Constitution. Those limitations or restrictions may be based on the current General Health Law or perhaps a specific law (or decree-law) will be passed, as other countries have done.

In fact, this latest extension advances towards this scenario, giving the regional authorities a relevant role in managing the limitations envisaged by the State of Emergency.

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