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Business and Government in Spain is an English language blog on legal issues regarding Spanish business and governmental affairs


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Lawyers in Spain

In Spain, "Abogado/a" (Lawyer) is a person who, incorporated into a Spanish Law Association as practitioner and having fulfilled the necessary requirements for it, dedicate himself/herself professionally to advising, promoting and defending the legal interests of others, public or private. Lawyers can act individually or through collective law firms or professional companies.

We are subject to the General Statute of the Legal Profession, approved by Royal Decree 135/2021, of March 2, and the Code of Ethics, as well as the other applicable European, national or corporate regulations.

Our obligations as Lawyers are:

• To carry out an honest, loyal, truthful and diligent professional conduct, not to disappoint the Client's trust, and to provide him/her with clear and professional advice regarding the matters that he/she entrusts us.

• To carry out our professional activities with the utmost zeal and diligence that the defence of the entrusted matter imposes on us, abiding by the technical, ethical and deontological requirements appropriate to the legal protection of said matter. In doing so, we are able to being helped by our collaborators and other Lawyers or technical advisers, who will act under our responsibility, unless the Client engages other Lawyers or advisers or authorizes us to do so, in which case their action will take place at the cost of the Client and under the responsibility of same.

In the event that the assignment is made at the same time to two or more law firms, professionals or independent or special counsels, each will act under their own responsibility, unless joint and several liability is agreed by all interested parties.

• Any other obligations that, with respect to the applicable regulations, derive from what has been agreed with the Client, as well as any other commitment envisaged in these Terms and Conditions or in applicable regulations.

The relationship with the Client must be based on mutual trust. It will only be possible to handle a matter by mandate of the Client or a duly authorized third party, or by appointment of the Law Association.

The professional legal services commit us to an activity, not an outcome. Hence, the outcome of any matter or conflict is subject to the facts thereof, the availability and validity of the supporting documents as well as the inherent risks and other factors outside of our control. Therefore, we cannot make any guarantee or promise regarding the outcome of any matter. We can only issue reports that contain professional evaluations of the probable outcome of a matter, litigation or an estimate of its possible economic consequences, if the request comes from the Client, who must be the exclusive recipient, or, where appropriate, his/hers/its auditors.

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