International: What we can do for you

We offer a large international network of Law firms covering multiple jurisdictions and a broad range of practice areas. Our network includes full-service law firms in Europe, Middle East, the United States, Canada and several Latin American and African countries. 

Particularly, our Middle East Desk has a deep knowledge of business in Middle East and GCC region with strong ties and regional references. It offers a high-quality legal advice to Gulf investors in Spain and Spanish investors in the Region.

In addition, we are members of the Canada-Spain Chamber of CommerceWe are particularly involved in Canadian-Spanish relationships. We have been retained by important Canadian Clients and one of our members, Juan Riancho,  has lived and studied in Canada, is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and is a Canadian citizen.

In several legal areas, we offer our international Project Legal Management services specifically in  international projects related to Civil and EPC construction projects, M&A and  environmental projects (water treatment, soil remediation), among others.

The services are provided with the aim to coordinate all legal work-streams of several teams of lawyers in different jurisdictions in order to ensure the most appropriate team members are allocated with the relevant type of work while ensuring the legal tasks are achieved and completed on time, effectively and accurately.

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Slides GDM gen.pdf (303.02KB)
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