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Legal assistance in Land Use and Zoning Law. Drafting, amending and pursuing of general and special areas plans as well as the different systems of urban development, both from the Government (including consortiums and government held companies) and the landowners and building companies standpoints. Development Agreements. Subdivision. Maintenance.

Legal advice in environmental requirements.

Construction: assistance in drafting bids and contracts as well as their awarding and any issues arising from the fulfilment and breach of contract. Construction defects: claims from proprietors or condominiums against promoters and/or constructors.

Permits, licenses and cease and desist orders. Legalisations of works and penalties procedures.

Expropriations and quick condemnation: determination of the fair price, appeals against the Lands Tribunal. Reversion.

Real estate: sale-purchase and lease agreements, urban development rights and future plots. Legal due diligence in the purchase procedure. Division of co-ownerships. Boundaries and vindication.

Use of the underground: parking concessions.

Proceedings before Notaries Public, Registrars and governmental organisms. Regularization of the registration of properties.

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